Hareline Plastic Fly Rattle

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Whether you’re tying flies for large migratory striped bass or nocturnal brown trout, Hareline’s Plastic Fly Rattles add just enough noise to your flies and really get the attention of any fish around. Made from plastic with metal beads inside, these rattles are more durable than glass rattles and are easily tied in thanks to a stub at the end. Crafted in multiple sizes, Hareline’s Plastic Fly Rattles can be adapted to most sized streamers whether you’re pursuing freshwater species like pike and bass or saltwater species like bluefish and snook.



Hareline’s Plastic Fly Rattles are ideal whenever you want to add more noise to your flies and these are a great addition when fishing for species that pick up movements in their lateral line such as musky. Hareline’s Plastic Fly Rattles are easy to tie into flies and can also be worked into mylar tubing or coated in epoxy or UV Resin for added durability. 



Although most rattles are quite similar, Hareline’s Plastic Fly Rattle can be compared to their Glass Rattlers. Similar in purpose yet different construction, the Glass Rattlers tend to be a little more noisy, yet slightly more delicate (but don’t be fooled, the glass used to make these is a lot more durable than you may think). Both rattles do a fine job at adding noise, but the Plastic Fly Rattles are a little better option if you aren’t planning on coating them with resin or Mylar Tubing and plan to fish over rough and rocky environments.