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40 years of experience

We invented the fly fishing raft. No, seriously.

Our founder, John Herzer, designed the first fly fishing raft almost 40 years ago in partner with SOTAR. Since then, John has continued honing and improving the SOTAR Strike and influencing the fly fishing raft product category.

What makes a raft so great compared to a drift boat?

What makes a raft so great compared to a drift boat?

Rafts vs Drift Boats
Rave River Reviews
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Rave River Reviews

Chef's Kiss: Blackfoot Strike 13'6"

"If there’s a better raft to fish from than the 13½-foot Blackfoot Strike, I’ve never seen it. Tapering tubes cutting an amazingly shallow draft, it’s a joy to row. Nimble enough to skate through lateJuly boulder gardens and put you exactly where you want to be in Class IV water. Sleek enough to slice through brutal headwinds. Quiet and stable enough to let anglers deliver on-the-nailhead casts and sustain flawless drifts."

Dan Crockett

Blackfoot Strike 14
Blackfoot Strike 14'6"

"If, like me, you also love to do 5- to 7-day runs down lively rivers like the Middle Fork of the Salmon and the Yampa, bring lots of gear and toss in a couple good-sized dogs, the 14’6” is your boat. Even at a foot longer and half a foot wider, it absorbs ridiculous loads and tiptoes through tailouts. When you have to choose the lesser among evils in the caldron of Kitchen Sink, it has the guts to punch formidable holes. And when you just want to share a day of fishing with your buddies, it still handles like a dream."

Dan Crockett

Better In Every Regard
Better In Every Regard

"I purchased a Blackfoot Strike from BRO and absolutely love my boat! I had previously owned another raft from a well known manufacturer that was setup for fishing. While it was a good boat, the Sotar Blackfoot Strike is better in every regard. In addition to regular day floats around Missoula, I have also taken my Strike on four Smith River trips and it is an outstanding platform for multiday camping. I am confident you will enjoy your Strike as much as I have enjoyed mine."

Cameron Lawrence

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