What Do I Bring?

What to pack for a trip to Western Montana depends somewhat on when you visit. But generally, it’s good to live by the Boy Scout motto and "Be Prepared".

Blackfoot River Outfitters does provide all fishing gear needed for a great day of fly fishing on our guided trips, but you're more than welcome to bring your own equipment too.  Other necessities include:

BRO’s Day Trip Packing List Essentials

  • Rainjacket - good, quality, waterproof coat - "slickers" do not get the job done in extreme rain storms
  • Polarized sunglasses - a must for eye protection
  • Brimmed hat or cap - protects head and face from sun exposure and also rogue flies
  • Warm jacket in case of colder weather
  • Sunscreen and/or sun protective clothing - buffs, UPF protected clothing are good examples of this

Our guides usually have extra clothing for extreme weather changes but this list is a good example of what you should have with you during a guided trip......hopefully it just stays in the boat's dry box for the duration of your time on the river.

If you’re doing an overnight or multi-day trip, the expanded list below has most of what you need to bring.


BRO’s Overnight and Multi-Day Trip Packing List

Personal Clothing

  • First and foremost — QUALITY RAIN GEAR! (We’ve seen it make or break many a trip.) A waterproof jacket and waders are your best option. We prefer lightweight, breathable chest-highs or neoprene waders, rather than hip-highs.
  • Pile/poly propylene under garments for layering insulation.
  • Extra pair of long pants or sweats for camp.
  • Wool sweater and/or pile jacket.
  • Shirts — lightweight for sun (at least one long- and one short-sleeved.)
  • Hats — one for shade and one for warmth, preferably that covers the ears.
  • Gloves — wool or pile – fingerless are nice for your time fishing, fingers are better for camp.
  • Swim suit or quick-dry shorts.

Personal Hygiene

  • Biodegradable soap and shampoo.
  • Toothbrush, paste and floss.
  • Prescription medications, along with aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen.
  • Sunscreen (SPF-15 or better.)
  • Bug spray.
  • Towel.

Camping Kit

  • Small pillow with case (or use your stuff sack with clothes.)
  • Water resistant camera, film and batteries.
  • Water resistant binoculars for critter viewing.
  • Flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries.
  • A small dry bag for camera, binoculars and other gear.

Fishing Gear

Again, BRO provides all fishing equipment, but you're welcome to bring your own along as well.

  • Fly rods — 8' to 9', 5 or 6 weight quality graphite will cover most conditions, but feel free to bring other weights for variety.
  • Reels — any single action, lightweight fly reel spooled with a rod-weight matching weight-forward or double-taper floating line will work.
  • Leaders — 7' to 9' long, includeing several 4X for dries and 2X for streamers and nymphs.
  • Quality polarized sunglasses so you can see your bug and the fish.
  • Flies — we recommend that we bring the bugs to suit the conditions. If you tie your own, call us for recommended patterns.
  • Accessories — floatant, split shot, tippet, clippers, etc. will be provided by the guides, but you can bring your own to be a bit more self-sufficient