Andros Packing List


  • Temperatures generally range from the low 70s up to the mid-90s (20° to 35°C).



  •     Dress is informal; please feel free to wear what you are most comfortable in
  •     Long pants and long-sleeve shirts should be worn out on the flats for sun and insect protection
  •     Fleece pullover and rain shell for cool mornings and evenings, running in the boat, and the occasional squall
  •     Casual clothing for dinner, shorts are fine.  Call or email us about Bedrock Sandals, available in-store or over the phone only.  They are by far our favorite every day sandal, and work incredibly well as a wet wading sandal.  If you've been in the shop between May and September you've probably seen most of our staff wearing them.  We live in these things.
  •     Shoes: flats wading boots or shoes, paired with a neoprene sock are essential.  Many people wear just the sock when casting from the bow.  This allows you to feel the fly line under your feet
  •     Head and Hands: Fishing hat with a long front visor with dark under bill (enhances polarizing qualities of sunglasses) and best if it shades face, neck and ears.  Be sure to bring a Buff, sun gloves and sun screen for total protection
  •     Sunscreen: It is very important that waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 30 be applied to every square inch of exposed skin including your lips. The sun will reflect off the water and can burn your face even if you wear a wide-brimmed hat
  •     Polarized sunglasses: It is essential to have a high quality pair of Polarized sunglasses worn with a retainer. We recommend Costa, but Suncloud is a viable budget option.  Brown/amber/copper lenses with Green Mirror are the go-to for any flats guide.  Silver Mirror is good for low light conditions.  Avoid Blue Mirror and yellow lenses
  • Swimsuit


Fishing Gear


The following items are provided and unnecessary to bring

  •     Hair dryer
  •     Bath soap, hand soap and body wash
  •     Shampoo and conditioner
  •     Deep Woods Off spray
  •     Flashlight
  •     Alarm clock
  •     Small towels to take in the boat