Agua Boa Packing List

Agua Boa Packing List


Wading sandals or shoes

Shoes for the lodge


Lightweight long pants


Shirts – long sleeve for fishing, short sleeve for Lodge

Tropical travel clothes

Rain jacket and rain pants  (It's the Amazon Rain Forest!)

Lightweight fleece or vest (for long runs up river)

Dry bag for the boat

Camera gear

Sun gloves

Stripping Guards

Sun Sleeves


Personal items:


Reading glasses

Portuguese dictionary - Download Google Translate

Bug repellent

Sunscreen & chap-stick


Polarized sunglasses - Costa Silver or Green mirror and another pair with low light lenses are recommended.

Electric plugin US-Euro adaptors 

Ear plugs (for bunkmate and longer river runs)



Minimum of 24 flies per angler

We are tying in house and hand selecting Agua Boa proven pattern assortments.  Check the link for these flies along with appropriate fly boxes.


Fishing Gear:

Rods: Two or three 8/9 weight rods are recommended for peacock bass. Although the lodge has a few loaner rods and reels, everyone should bring at least one as these are literally "tackle busting" fish.  On the web link we offer Reddington Predator, Sage Maverick, and Orvis Helios 3 rods as good, better, best options. If you have your eye on another model just ask - we likely have it or can get it.

Additionally, this year we'll be packing our 5wts and a box of attractors for the dry fly eating Pacu.  Super fun fish.

Reels: We suggest a large arbor reel with a great drag for your reel. Our good, better, best reels to match the above rods are Reddington Behemoth, Sage Spectrum, and Galvan Grip.  But, as with rods, please inquire if you have an interest in another style or brand.

Fly Lines: Tropical lines are a must in the heat.  Rio Tropical Jungle Intermediate Line with a 10 foot clear tip are the  primary choice of Agua Boa guides - they cast these big flies efficiently, maintain a tight feel to the business end, and the piranhas are less likely to bite through the line at the color change. For variety, add  fast sinking tip lines together with full floaters for folks wanting to get deep or fish topwater.(200 or 300 grain sink tip)

Tippet/leaders:  No leaders needed!  Straight 50# Fluorocarbon recommended. 

Hook sharpeners: Make the difference of missing the fish of a lifetime and landing it.

Pliers:  If you've ever tried to tie a knot in hard mono without pliers you'll immediately understand the importance of having a pair on you at all times.

Fishing hat: Make sure it has good sun protection

Rod case: We utilize the luggage style carry all cases for all our fishing travel. The Orvis Carry-It-All is perfect.  These allow storage of rods, reels, terminal tackle, fishing gloves and miscellaneous gear (check with your airline specifically about flies).

Line nippers: It's important to be self sufficient.

Stripping glove or sleeve:  And bring a roll of non-adhesive tape as finger protection!

Boga Grip: Guides usually have these, but as the season wears on, they become scarce from Peacocks literally yanking them out of hand!  And, what's cooler than knowing your peacock is actually over 15#?