Rock Creek

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Rock Creek

Updated 07/01/2022 at 12:19am

Conditions At-a-glance


Weather Forecast

Our Report

Rock Creek spring fly fishing


1. As the water drops, the fish will move away from the banks and into more “normal” holding areas
2. Single dry flies have been working depending on what is most abundantly hatching.
3. The water is high and fast. First of all, stay safe. If you’re floating ask us about obstructions. This river is not for novice paddlers. Please reach out to us before floating. Fishing from a boat is illegal starting July 1 but you can still float.


Water levels are on the drop for now. Stay safe out there.

BEST TECHNIQUES – Dry dropper rigs and double and single rig nymphing, mid-length leash.

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USGS Water Charts



The Hatch

Yellow Sallies, PMD's, Golden Stones, Caddis, Drakes, Salmonflies

Fly Patterns

NYMPHS - Pat's Rubber Legs in black, brown, #6-#10; Pheasant Tail Nymph, #10-18; Pink San Juan Worm #8-10; Hot Bead San Juan Worm Red; Montana Prince tan #12-16, double bead stone black #4 DRIES - Green drake #10-12; Purple haze #18-20; micro chubby chernobyl, chubby chernobyl in various colors/sizes STREAMERS - Sparkle Minnow #6 in Olive; Zonkers #6, 8 in Natural, Olive, or Yellow; Kreelex Minnow #6 in Copper/Gold, Gold/Silver, or Purple/Silver.


Water Flow

1071 cfs at the time of this report

Link to Water Flow Graph



Water temperature at mid-day

60 deg

Water Condition


Best time of day to fish

Morning through evening

Best stretch

The entire creek is fishing well.

Best access point

Upper: Gilles Bridge Lower: Valley of the Moon

Fish species

Cutthroat, rainbow, cutt-bow, brown, bull, some brook trout, and whitefish.

Fishing season

Open year round, but catch and release for trout during winter.

Nearest airport

Missoula International Airport

Recommended fly fishing leader

9' 3x

Recommended fly fishing tippet

3x and 4x top to bottom bug respectively unless you are swinging streamers then bump up to 2x

Best fly fishing rod

Crisp 9' 5wt for nymphing but super fun spot to swing streamers with switch rods.