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Rock Creek

Updated 06/21/2017 at 7:39pm

Conditions At-a-glance


Weather Forecast

72° / 48°
74° / 46°
80° / 47°
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Our Report

BEST TECHNIQUES – Folks go to Rock Creek to catch fish on dry flies.. lots of fish on dry flies – and that is what is happening right now there.  Start with the standard stone attractors (Chubbies, bulletheads,and foam) with a moderate dropper (15-20″) dangling a worm or prince,  Once you get a few eats on the top or notice pmd’s or drakes out on the water swap the second bug up for double dry and fish tight to the willows.

TIPS OF THE WEEK – Under the clouds expect some dry fly activity this week.  When your fishing the Creek keep your leaders short and heavy (7.5′ 3x or 2x) for the stones and one size less for your droppers.  They are NOT leader shy.

7 DAY OUTLOOK – The Rock is still high for this time of year and floaters will be flying down the river till it drops another 600cfs. Waders should focus their attention on the upper reaches where it isn’t as pushy.  Dry fly action will continue to break out especially the mayfly activity.
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Good luck from the team at Blackfoot River Outfitters and Flint Creek Outdoors! FCO in Pburg is back on for the season – open every day. Be sure to stop in to meet Terra and for your Orvis gear and the best fly selection in the region.

The BRO and FCO Team wishes you all Great Fishing!
John, Terri, Matthew, Fred, Matt, Terra and Bruce


High for April but level and pretty clear.

The Hatch

Salmon Flies, Golden stones, yellow sallies, a couple green drakes, PMD's, Caddis. A smorgasbord!

Fly Patterns

DRIES - elk wing caddis, Stimulator, Salmon Fly NYMPHS - Red beadhead power worm#10, peacock double bead stone #8, brown rubber leg #8, red thread prince and phez tails #16 STREAMERS - olive or natural zonker type pattern #6, sparkle minnow #6, olive or black bead head buggers #8


Water Flow

About 1,670cfs @ Clinton which is about a third higher than normal.

Link to Water Flow Graph



Water temperature at mid-day

33 in

Water Condition

A bit stained but steady and actually flowing high enough for float fishing.

Best time of day to fish

Nymphs all day - mid afternoon as the temps rise for stone fly action.

Best stretch

The entire Creek is fishing well.

Best access point

Multiple points all along the river.

Fish species

Cutthroats, rainbows, cut-bows, browns, white fish, bull trout and some brooks.

Fishing season

Open year round, but catch and release for trout this time of year.

Nearest airport

Missoula International Airport

Recommended fly fishing leader

In the winter keep it short - 7'6" 3x

Recommended fly fishing tippet

3x and 4x top to bottom bug respectively unless you are swinging streamers then bump up to 2x

Best fly fishing rod

Crisp 9'4wt for nymphing but super fun spot to swing streamers with switch rods.