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Georgetown Lake

Updated 09/20/2017 at 4:48pm

Conditions At-a-glance


Weather Forecast

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Our Report


Georgetown is fishing okay right now. It’s been hit or miss the past few days. The cooler weather and snow have definitely slowed down the dry fly fishing. Streamers and nymphs will be the game until things warm up a bit.

BEST TECHNIQUES:  Fish the smaller dries and midge droppers in the mornings then swap up to large dries or buggers as the wind and waves kick up.

OUR TIPS OF THE WEEK:  Look for rising fish and move to them even if you a fishing leaches or buggers. If you are fishing dry or dry dropper drop you cast near the riser or up wind of it (they typically move up wind eating dries) and wait… wait till you see another rise or that it finds yours.

7 DAY OUTLOOK:   The forecast calls for cooler weather from now on. Sub surface is your best bet until the sun warms things again here. Brookies are going to start staging soon…..should be some fun streamer action in the next month.

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Good Luck From our Team!


clear and cold

The Hatch

Hatches have slowed on the lake but still seeing giant green Caddis, and a few Damsel Flies, callibaetis, midges.

Fly Patterns

dries use stimulators, skwala stone patterns (they look exactly like the sedge) midges, and purple haze... nymphs - Seal Buggers, damsel nymphs, scuds.


Water Flow

The lake is looking at about normal levels for this time of year


Crystal clear

Water temperature at mid-day


Water Condition


Best time of day to fish

late afternoon

Best stretch

Weed lines, shallow flats and drop offs

Best access point

multiple public points

Fish species

kokanee, rainbows, brooks

Fishing season

Varied open sections - check your regs before you go.

Nearest airport

Missoula International

Recommended fly fishing leader

9' 4x

Recommended fly fishing tippet

4 or 5x

Best fly fishing rod

Crisp to cast but soft enough to fight big fish.

Best floating fly line

any long shooting weight forward will do