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Strike Raft- 13′ 6″ – with Top Chafe Strip- Custom DEPOSIT


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We are taking deposits on custom built 13’6″ Strikes. You choose from a variety of custom colors and we will build to your specifications. Send us a message for current build times as this changes constantly based on order volume. However, Blackfoot River Outfitters pays to secure build dates to get you in line earlier than going directly through Sotar for the same price. And we also have the fishing knowledge to help you secure your frame, trailer, and accessories all in one place. Rafts we currently have being built for stock will be listed on this page for purchase, so make sure to check back with us often.
Total cost of a 13’6″ Strike is $6400 raft + $420 top chafe + $260 shipping to Missoula= $7080. We will transfer your deposit of $3500 to Sotar and monitor the build process to completion. The balance of your raft purchase plus and frame, trailer, and accessories will be due at delivery.
 We consider the 13’6″ to be the “5 weight” of fishing rafts. It is the perfect size for day trips two anglers and a rower, but can be loaded up for multi-days, as well.  Check out our MT Raft Frame Premier frame or NRS Custom Strike Frame to round out the package.


Designed by Blackfoot River Outfitters founder John Herzer and custom built in the USA by SOTAR, the Blackfoot Strike is the ultimate fishing boat. John has been rowing Sotar boats since 1984 – and rowed rafts a distance equivalent to twice the circumference of the earth! When it comes to understanding the performance and quality of an inflatable craft few have the experience and understanding that Herzer does.
A raft continues as his office today, spending over 150 days per year on the water.Herzer’s primary boat, the 13.5 foot Strike provides ample space between anglers and oarsperson, making tangles between anglers and “pistol-whipping” of the guide are a thing of the past. The diminishing bow and stern maximize useable storage space. With less than seven feet of tube on the water and a 19″ maximum tube diameter, Strikes handle like a catboat yet provide a stable ride even in heavy water. The most notable advantage is evident in the asymmetrical design. While maintaining the desirable aerodynamics and 360 degree visibility of a “flat” profile afford, we increased stern diameter. No longer do we lose maneuverability when a 300lb angler or all your gear for a 5 day is piled in the back. This industry leading design enables the boat to be nimble enough for tight bolder choked pocket water streams yet stable enough for significant whitewater.
The Blackfoot Strike represents 34 years of fly fishing guide experience. It drafts as shallow as a drift boat, spins quick like a kayak, affords the profile of a poling skiff, rides as stable as a car, and does it all as quiet as trout fins through water! Want to catch more fish? Better step up to the SOTAR Blackfoot Strike. ALL Blackfoot Strikes come standard with FOUR air chambers in the main outside tube and include a 10 year warranty.  Other standard features include welded I beam floor, standard 10 outside d-rings and 6 carry handles, patch kit and boat bag. Top chafe, thwarts, extra D-rings and other options are available on request. 
Sotar Strike configuration – 13’6″ model:
*Overall length end to end 13’6″
*Outside width 72″
*Interior width 34″ (floor is 36″)
*Tube diameter – 19″ main tubes diminishing to 14″ in bow, 16″ in stern 
*Weight -a scant 97 pounds!
The 13’6″ Strike standard features include:
*10 year warranty
*Four air chambers around the main outside tube
* Self bailing welded I-beam inflated floor
* 4 standard outside D-rings
* 6 carry handles/D-rings
* Patch kit and boat bag.


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