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Tool-Simply put, the Knot Tyer is the single best nail knot tool on the face of the planet.┬áTie super-strong knots in seconds with this one-piece, stainless steel nail knot tool. Fishing experts praise this tool for its simplicity, performance and the durability of the knots it ties.┬áThe NAIL KNOT is the most affective way to tie any size monofilament to your line. It is a smooth and secure knot that easily passes in and out of the rod guides. With this knot, the harder you pull the better it “GRYPS” and holds.

  • Place tool in palm of either hand and grasp tightly with fingers. Place thumb on THUMB PAD. The TIP should be in perfect focus.
  • Place leader between GUIDE through CHANNEL and TIPS/SLOT so that line extends approximately 6 inches beyond TIP. Use thumb to secure line over PAD.
  • Pull short line downward into SLOT and wrap a tight coil of 4-5 turns. Wrap back around Tyer TIPS towards thumb using forefinger to hold turns in place.
  • From the thumb side, thread short line back into CHANNEL under all turns and out through slotted TIPS
  • Insert fly line under wraps and give “tag end” a light jerk. This causes knot to slide off Tyer onto fly line. Inspect and adjust wraps before securing knot completely. Trim off excess.


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