FAQ's for Guided Fishing Trips

  • I've never fly fished before, can I still take a guided fly fishing trip?  Yes!  We take "never evers" throughout the season.  Our guides are great instructors - patience and a good sense of humor included. 
  • Where do I go to the bathroom?  When nature calls on the river the guide will pull the boat over in a convenient location for you to comfortably and safely "go to the bathroom".  All of our guides have tp and hand sanitizer in their boats for your convenience.
  • Is there room for a 3rd angler/person on a guided float trip?  No.  Our guide boats are set up for 2 anglers and the guide.  
  • Can my dog come along on the float trip?   Yes.  This is your trip and if you would like to bring your dog that is fine with us.  The only time this might be an issue is if the river is high or we are running a section of river with lots of technical maneuvers involved - but we are open to discussion on this.
  • Do I need to bring sun screen and/or bug spray?  We encourage sunscreen for everyone on our guided fishing trips.  Typically the rivers in our area do not have any bug issues, but if you're fishing in June you might consider bringing some for rogue mosquitoes.  
  • What do I need to bring?  We provide everything - mostly.  You are required to have a Montana fishing license on your person during the trip - these are available online.  We recommend bringing a good rain jacket, sunscreen, sun glasses and a good hat for sun protection.   Waders are not included on our guided trips, but you can rent them on a daily basis from www.rentwaders.com.