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Missouri River

Updated 08/25/2018 at 5:22pm

Conditions At-a-glance


Weather Forecast

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Our Report

The Mo is our oasis during high water in the the land of freestones.  Nymphing is the name of the game until the flows come back down.  There may be some fish looking up on the lower but this time of year, the creeks can muddy it all up.

BEST TECHNIQUES – Search for fish feeding on top. Should be tricos and caddis around. Nymphing and streamers are productive if you’re not having luck on top.

OUR TIPS OF THE WEEK – Once you hit a couple fish in a run, stay on it and continue with the same rig.

7 DAY OUTLOOK – Looks like the water is on the drop which should improve trico, caddis, and hopper fishing.

Even if we don’t get guides on the MO for the week we always are in touch with those who do and we always stock a great selection of tailwater flies.  Stop in and see us at Blackfoot River Outfitters on Reserve Street in Missoula.  We are open every day. 406-542-7411

Good luck from our team at BRO!



Fishing is ok. Wind, higher than average water, and weeds are working against you. But fish gotta eat and they are. Fish outside the box!

The Hatch

Tricos, Caddis, Hoppers, Ants, Scuds, sowbugs, worms, midges down under - midges on top.

Fly Patterns

DRIES - griffiths #18, trico spinners #20-24, tan elk hair caddis #14-18, parachute or thorax midge #18-20, sipper midge #18, para purple haze #16. NYMPHS - green machines #18-16, sow bugs and scuds, zebra midges, pink scuds, bwo split backs, tung head jigs pink or olive all in #18-16. STREAMERS - Pencil thin cone heads, sparkle minnow, brown buggers #8-4, crawfish patterns in olive or tan, kreelex fly copper/gold #6.


Water Flow

4360 cfs at Holter

Link to Water Flow Graph



Water temperature at mid-day

66 degrees

Water Condition

A little high for this time of year but clear.

Best time of day to fish

Early morning and mid to late evening for tricos and caddis. All day for nymphs and streamers.

Best stretch

Below Holter Dam to Craig is good but busy with boats.

Best access point

Multiple access sites.

Fish species

Rainbows, browns, whitefish, carp and a couple cuts below tributaries.

Fishing season

Open year round, but catch and release for trout this time of year.

Nearest airport

Helena or Great Falls

Recommended fly fishing leader

9' 4x

Recommended fly fishing tippet

4 or 5x

Best fly fishing rod

Crisp to cast but soft enough to fight big fish.

Best floating fly line

Is the one that fits your rod and style the best - fly shops will help discover this.

Best sinking fly line

Is the one that fits your rod and style the best - fly shops will help discover this.