Build Your Own SOTAR Strike

The Ultimate Fishing Boat

Strike Raft

For over 35 years Blackfoot River Outfitters owner John Herzer has considered what the perfect river fishing boat would look like.  What design would best perform down flat meandering streams or serious white water, in varied weather conditions, with single anglers, or loaded up for a week long adventure.  The result is the SOTAR Blackfoot Strike.

Designed by Blackfoot River Outfitters founder, John Herzer, and custom built by WhiteWater Manufacturers (made in the USA!), the SOTAR Strike is the ultimate fishing boat. Other “fishing rafts” are no more than white water rafts with a couple seats on a frame strapped on top – where as with the Blackfoot Strike, the raft is actually designed with fisherman in mind. Combining the Blackfoot Strike fishing raft with one of our custom fishing oar frames and accessories kit enables private anglers and world renown professional guides alike to row the most versatile fishing craft on the water.

NEW FOR 2018! – ALL SOTAR Strikes come standard with FOUR air chambers in the main outside tube. Other standard features include a welded I-beam floor, standard 10 outside d-rings and 6 carry handles, patch kit and boat bag. Extra air chambers, top chafe, thwarts, extra D-rings and other options are available.

Build Your Boat

1. Choose Your Boat Size

Starting at $6,060

Accommodates less gear and fewer anglers on smaller water.

Starting at $6,290

An extra foot of space to accomodate more gear.

Starting at $6,850

Holds more cargo on bigger water - great for the multi-day angler/rafter