What is said about you is much more important than what you say about yourself.

Yes, we have a sweet website with beautiful pictures and can talk a big game about how great we are. But, really, anyone can do that.  What separates us from other fly fishing outfitters and shops is our relationship with our customers.  We maintain a 5 out of 5 rating as an Orvis endorsed outfitter and enjoy dozens of clients whom continue to fish with us for decades!  Check out some of those kind words below.

Lets see…In the past 24 years I’ve fished more than a dozen different waters, from half day walk/wades to 5 day camp outs with the BRO Team and I still look forward to every trip! Nuff said.

Fred Martin Boca Raton, FL

Karen and her husband Phil have fished with us multiple days every year for a quarter century!  We’ve enjoyed their company on more than a dozen different rivers across Montana.  Trout shutter when they hit the water!

Karen Rodgers SanDiego, California

Living in Missoula affords the opportunity to fish great rivers anytime we want, but there is nothing better than hiring the pros at BRO for a refresher course, entertain visiting friends or do some serious fishing with our kids.

Denise and Chip Zimmer Missoula, Montana

We were fortunate to share a boat with Luke Bryan and fishing partner/song writer Jay Clementi prior to Luke performing his Kill the Lights Tour here in Missoula.  Both of these guys can fly fish as well as anyone we take and more importantly they appreciate not only the fish but the resource.  The only thing rocking better than Luke on stage was the trout on the Blackfoot – perhaps the best day of the year!

Jay Clementi and Luke Bryan Nashville, Tennessee

I told some of my friends back home in Savannah that I was heading to Montana to go fly fishing on a Semper Fi Fund trip – they said “That’s crazy talk!”.  I figure I took my daughter to Colorado to go skiing in Steamboat and we figured it out and we had never seen snow, this can’t be any harder or more out of character.  Our 3 day overnight trip was exceptional.  Even though those Montana guides kept throwing the fish back (didn’t keep one!!), I truly loved every moment on the water.

Joseph Martin Savannah, Georgia

Together with my buddies, we’ve been fishing with BRO guides every year for over twenty.  Now they are our buds. No matter the weather, water conditions or the fishing – we know a good time is in store.

Kevin West Spokane, Washington